Friday, September 17, 2021

Rains cause major traffic snarl on Mango bridge

Hundreds of vehicles and thousands of commuters remained stranded for hours on both sides of Mango bridge on Wednesday. At leat 10 students missed their examination due to traffic jam.

Jamshedpur: Heavy rains caused a major traffic snarl on Mango bridge as hundreds of vehicles on both sides of the bridge remained stranded.

A large number of commuters had to go through a harrowing experience as they remained stuck in the traffic jam.

The local people had to face a lot of problems due to the Mango bridge being jammed for hours due to incessant rains.

On Wednesday morning, as soon as the rains started both the bridges got jammed.

Traffic remained completely chaotic for almost 2 hours.

Several commuters remained stranded causing problems for them.

Jamshedpur Traffic Police got the road cleared after a lot of efforts.

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As everyone kept trying to get out of the jam as soon as possible, the situation continued to worsen.

After the traffic police arrived, the situation started improving a little and the road was cleared in about two hours.

Due to the jam, vehicles were stuck on the bridge for 2 to 3 hours.

After the rain stopped, a long queue of vehicles was seen on both the sides.

Thousands of vehicles were stuck in the traffic snarl.

Many people came out of the house for important work, but they had to face a lot of problems due to getting stuck in the jam.

Students from Sarojini Technical Institute and at least 10 students from other institutes were also stuck in the jam for two hours.

Some students reached their examination hall late and were not allowed to write the examination.

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On Thursday, the students will meet the Deputy Commissioner and submit a memorandum about their being unable to site in the examination due to traffic snarl.

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They said that despite telling the invigilators that they were stuck in a road jam, they were not allowed to appear in the examination as they were late by at least 15 minutes. The students appealed to the college management but to no avail.

Major traffic snarl on Mango bridge as thousands of commuters remained stranded for hours due to rains in Jamshedpur.

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