Friday, September 17, 2021

Demand for capital punishment to killers of Rabia Saifi

A candle march was taken out in Bistupur demanding strict punishment to the killers of Rabia Saifi in Delhi. Protestors demanded that the killers be hanged. They also flayed the police for not curbing crime against women.

Jamshedpur: A candle march was taken out near Bistupur Roundabout to demand justice for Rabia Saifi, a resident of Sangam Vihar, Delhi working in Delhi Civil Defense.

During the candle march taken out on Wednesday, slogans were raised against the Delhi Police and the Delhi government.

During this, the members of ‘Team Ehsaas’ demanded capital punishment for the killers of Rabia Saifi.

During the demonstration, they said that this incident has shamed the entire humanity.

The protestors said that girls are not safe even if they are well connected and aware. They said that the government has not been doing enough to curb crime against women.

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Rabia Saifi’s body was found with multiple stabbings in Faridabad from the bushes a little distance away from the road. She was a resident of Sangam Vihar in New Delhi.

According to media reports, a person named Nizamuddin, who was close to Rabiya Saifi and had reportedly helped her in getting a job in Civil Defence, claimed that he had married her secretly. He also surrendered himself claiming that he had killed Rabia Saifi.

He claimed that both had married secretly on July 7 of this year, although he said that Rabiya’s parents did not agree, so they started living alone.

Although the police have arrested him, the parents of the deceased are opposing his statement saying that they are sure that their daughter Rabiya was unmarried.

The case is still under investigation.

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Hundreds of youths took part in the protest march in Bistupur, Jamshedpur. They included Mohammad Naushad, Zaki Ahmed, Salman Pathan, Sonu Singh, Vikas Kumar, Milan Kumar and Rizwan Gaddi.

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