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Another Hindu girl Sonika Chawla abducted and force-converted in Sindh, Pakistan

In another incident of forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan, another girl Sonika Chawla has reportedly been abducted and converted to Islam and then married off. Her abduction and conversion has been written off as ‘free willed’ marriage and her age has been shown as 27. Earlier, her sister Aarti Chawla too was abducted, force-converted and then married off in the similar way.

Desk: Another young girl, identified as Sonika Chawla, from Larkana in Sindh state of Pakistan has been forcefully abducted and converted.

Social media handles from Pakistan have confirmed that the girl Sonika Chawla is a resident of Larkana in Sindh state of Pakistan and she was forcefully abducted and converted.

The handles also tweeted a purported Nikahnama that shows her age as 27.

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She was abducted and married off to one Zeeshan Laghari.

According to reports, her sister Aarti Chawla was abducted the same way a few months back and was forcefully abducted, converted and married off.

What is most shocking is the media in Pakistan remains silent and ignores the atrocities against Hindus.

If at all the media writes on such cases, it invariably and unabashedly supports the abductors themselves and tries to pass off even the abduction cases as normal free-willed marriage.

A report in The International News from Pakistan says: “The Larkana Police on Monday released the brother of the groom of a Hindu girl, who mysteriously went missing in Larkana five days ago and appeared on the social media on Sunday (September 5) in a dramatic turn, revealing her free-will marriage post her faith conversion.”

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Screenshot 2021 09 08 at 08.51.21
Screenshot of a report in International News of Pakistan.

The report says that the police have released the brother of the accused on the grounds that the girl went missing, converted and had married with ‘self-will’.

For the newspapers, if they ever report such incidents, or the police, if they ever register a case, every abduction is ‘mysteriously went missing’ and not abduction.

Minority leaders point out that no one in Pakistan cares to answer the question – why do only Hindu girls, often underage, marry Muslim boys and men in Pakistan without parents’ consent. Why is there not even a single case of a Muslim girl converting to Hinduism and marrying a Hindu boy in a so-called free-willed marriage. Why is it always girls and poor families? Why no mature and already married women ever get inspired to convert to Islam in Pakistan? Why always from Hinduism and Christianity to Islam?

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This is one issue that bothers no one in Pakistan as the entire country continues with its policy of annihilating minorities, including Shias, Ahmedias, Hazaras, Christians and Hindus.

Minorities are on the verge of total extinction in Pakistan as their population share continues dwindling and shrinking every year.

Atrocities against minorities in Pakistan is a common phenomenon and no one inside Pakistan or outside world takes notice of it.

Vandalism of minorities’ places of worship too is a common occurrence.

Minorities in Pakistan have been demanding an anti-conversion bill to be passed. However, the fundamentalists and clericks have been opposing this demand tooth and nail and till date nothing has been done in this regard.


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