Monday, September 20, 2021

Fierce battle in Afghanistan as NRF defends Panjshir from Taliban

Desk: A fierce battle is on in Panjshir between ISI-guided Taliban and National Resistance Front of Ahmad Massoud and Amrullah Saleh.

Panjshir Valley is still resisting Taliban and Pakistani drones and helicopters are reportedly bombing indiscriminately at NRF strongholds.

Taliban and Pakistan guided terror groups are reportedly attacking Panjshir by helicopters.

Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, son of the legendary anti-Taliban commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, both are stated to be safe.

ISI Chief Faiz Hammed is stationed in Kabul and he is co-ordinating the attack on Panjshir with terror groups.

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The former VP of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh has appealed to UN to intervene for preventing Taliban’s onslaught on civilians in Panjshir areas. He said that UN should intervene urgently to stop a ‘genocide in the making’.

In a letter to the UN, Saleh said that that a large-scale humanitarian crisis has unfolded in Panjshir province and three Andrabs districts in Baghlan province due to the economic blockade and telecommunication blackout by the Taliban.

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Meanwhile, reports from Kabul said that Taliban have brutally killed a woman police officer Bano Negar in Ghor. She worked as prison guard.

A video doing rounds shows the son of Bano Negar giving details about her killing. He said that Taliban entered their house, tied his mother’s hands, killed his mother, gouged her brains from her skull with knife and screwdrivers.

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He said: “My mother was eight months pregnant.”

According to reports received from multiple sources, Pakistan ISI and security forces have taken control of Taliban strategy and are guiding and helping Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists to attack and get control over Panjshir.

Multiple reports indicate that Pakistan has also started using helicopters and drones and is helping Taliban with satellite images too.

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Pakistan ISI Chief himself is stationed in Kabul right now and has thrown caution to the winds in trying to openly control the Talibans.

According to some reports, ISI has asked the Taliban to postpone government formation till it takes control of Panjshir completely.

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Reports from Afghanistan said that Pakistani aircrafts have been bombing the resistance forces NRF led by Amrullah Saleh.

Habib Khan, an award-winning journalist, tweeted that Afghanistan is under direct Pakistani invasion and the world is watching.

Bernard-Herni Levy, the renowned French war correspondent confirmed that ‘Pakistan commandos are fighting Massoud’s people.

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Lt Gen Faiz Hamid from ISI is already in Kabul and he is co-ordinating the Taliban attack.

Ahmad Massoud’s close aide Mohammad Fahim Dashti has been killed in the battle between Northern Alliance Resistance Force and Taliban. Dasti was in the room where Ahmad Shah Massoud was assassinated back in 2001, but he survived. Yesterday, he was killed in Panjshir. He was also a journalist.

Meanwhile, some reports also said that the Taliban’s general commander for north of Afghanistan has also been killed in Panjshir. However, it was neither confirmed or denied by Taliban.

Meanwhile, US has warned of a prolonged civil war in Afghanistan.

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