Thursday, September 28, 2023

Thumbing nose at rest of humanity

Taliban’s control in Afghanistan is complete now and the world is still unable to reconcile itself with its violent and stone-age ideology.


Taliban took out a victory parade with abandoned US military equipments in Afghanistan on Thursday. They also used US military uniform without thanking the US even a bit.

It is ironical that the Taliban are thumbing their nose at the US as well as the rest of the civilised humanity with complete impunity and nonchalance.

The Biden administration went at length to throw hints to the world media that the equipments abandoned by them back in Afghanistan are non-usable and cannot be used by the Taliban even with the help of experts from Pakistan or China.

The claim was debunked within a short time by the Taliban. They drove US military vehicles in their parade with pride.

It is estimated by experts that arms and equipments worth USD 83 billion may have been handed over to Taliban by the withdrawing US troops.

The most shocking was the fact that the Taliban proudly paraded around their suicide bombers, suicide vests, car bombs and land mines and broadcast the parade live on national TV channel.

As the Taliban celebrate their control over Afghanistan and bask in the new found glory of having forced the USA to withdraw from their land, the human civilisation has a challenge staring at it.

How to deal with an organisation bent upon violating every civilised norms of the world is a puzzle that would not be easily solved by the world.

Taliban, aided and abetted by the Pakistan Army, would continue to pose new challenges before the world.

The beheadings, bombings and killings within Afghanistan, and even outside it, are unlikely to subside in near future.

No moderation can change the behaviour of an outfit that abhors civilisation. Taliban have exposed the world’s failings and inherent weaknesses more than its own damage potential.

The world has a problem in its hands. And it has no clue about the options available for dealing with it.

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