Friday, September 17, 2021

Hooch factory busted in Kalindi Basti Sitaramdera

650 litres of hooch and fake stickers and bottle caps were recovered during Excise raid in a hooch factory on Friday in Sitaramdera. One person has been arrested, while raids are on to arrest the main accused.

Jamshedpur: The Excise Department has busted an illegal and spurious liquor factory operating for years in Kalindi Basti under Sitaramdera police station of Jamshedpur.

During the raid, the department recovered bottle caps and stickers of branded liquor worth lakhs of rupees.

650 liters of hooch was recovered on the spot.

Excise department official Praveen Kumar Rana said that the business of spurious liquor was being run from Sitaramdera and the hooch was being distributed in the surrounding districts including Jamshedpur.

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He said that the hooch den was uncovered by the local police and excise department on the basis of a tip-off.

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He said that an operator has been arrested in this case.

However, the main accused has managed to escape.

He said that the department has started raids for arresting the main accused after an FIR was registered against him.

Hooch factory busted by Excise Department in Sitaramdera. One arrested.

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