Monday, September 20, 2021

14-year-old minor girl goes missing from Birsanagar, family members accuse neighbor lady

A 14-year-old minor girl is missing from Birsanagar and the family members have accused their neighbour of having taken her away. The family has sought help from SSP in recovering the missing girl.

Jamshedpur: A 14-year-old minor girl, a resident of Birsanagar zone number 6, has been missing for the past several days.

Her family members have accused a neighbour, a woman, of having taken her away.

The family members of the missing girl have informed the Birsanagar police about the girl being traceless for the last several days.

However, they said, the police did not arrest the accused, nor have the police found the whereabouts of the missing girl.

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The family members of the girl appealed to the Senior Superintendent of Police for justice on Thursday.

The family members, who reached the SSP office, accused their neighbor, a woman, P Lohar of having lured away the girl.

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Sunita K said that a 14-year-old minor girl has been taken away by a woman from the neighborhood. However, she said, the police are not taking any action.

She expressed apprehension that an untoward incident may occur with the minor girl if she is not traced as soon as possible.

She also demanded a fair investigation of the entire matter and sought intervention of senior police officers to ensure that the girl is brought back and the guilty are punished.

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