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Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty enjoys finals of football tournament

Samir Mohanty not only attended the finals of the 2-day football tournament in Baharagora, but also gave away the prizes. He said that there is no dearth of talent in rural youths.

Baharagora: The 58th two day football tournament was organised by Dudhiyashol, Bahragora Jaher Ayo Athletics Club of East Singhbhum district.

On Sunday, before the final match of the tournament, MLA Samir Mohanty too arrived at the grounds. The organisers of the club gave him a grand welcome and felicitated him with a bouquet.

A total of 24 teams participated in the 58th two-day football tournament held at Marang Baru Indoor Stadium in Dudhiyashol village.

On Sunday, MLA Samir Mohanty inaugurated the final match by a kick-off after an introduction with the players of both the teams.

On the occasion, the MLA said that there is no dearth of talent among the youth of rural areas.

He said that such football tournaments should be organized in rural areas regularly so that the player can up their game.

He said that the youth of rural areas have a passion for football, the evidence of which was seen in the football tournament held on Sunday.

He told that there are some participants who need practice.

With the positive participation of such a player in this type of competition, the passion for his game and the regularity of his practice, such players will definitely be able to establish himself as a successful player in the future.

In the last phase of the two-day football tournament, prizes were distributed to all the winning teams in the hands of MLA Samir Mohanty.

Rs 2,50,000 cheque and a trophy was given to Jamshedpur football team which emerged as the winner in football tournament. 2nd prize went to AYC Power Ghatshila football team with 180,000 cheque and trophy. 3rd prize was won by Pandit Raghunath Murmu Memorial football team Kerukocha and the team got 80,000 cheque and a trophy. 4th prize was won by Tudu Sporting West Bengal team which received with a check of Rs.80,000 and a trophy.

There was a smile on the faces of the players after receiving the award.

The MLA appreciated the organizing committee for the two-day football competition organized by the club.

Sunaram Hansda, JMM leader Sahebram Mandi, Asit Mishra, Sameer Das, Dhananjay Karunamay, Doman Chandra Majhi, Balram Mahto, Nirmal Mahto, Chiku Goswami, Chief Hiramani Hansda, Panchayat Samiti Jyotmay Goswami, Mithu Hansda, Arjun Hembram, Basudev Mahto Mangal Hansda, Devashish Das, Bijay Goswami, Manoj Gop, Tatan Khamrai, Mithun Kar, Committee President Basset Baske, Secretaries Karu Nath Soren, Champai Soren, Jagendra Besra, Nandlal Tudu, Katu Soren, Ramdhan Soren, Palu Ram Hembram, Sunaram Tudu and others were present on the occasion.


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