Monday, September 20, 2021

ABVP distributes study material among rural children in Bakda village in Musabani block

Free study materials were distributed among 100 students of Musabani block to help and motivate them to pursue studies.

Musabani: The senior member of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad Jagannath Nayak today distributed study materials, writing paper, masks, eraser, pencils, pens and cakes among 100 students of Bakda village in Musabani block of East Singhbhum.

The study materials were distributed as a part of ‘Padhega Bharat to Badhega Bharat’ campaign launched by ABVP in rural areas of East Singhbhum.

During the programme Jaggnath Nayak, Jyotirmay Das, Musabani block co-convenor, Swadeshi Jagran Manch’s Deepak Kevarti, RSS leader Ajitesh Das, Satyanarayan, Neelkanth, Haldhar Kevarti and Shekhar Kevarti expressed their views and encouraged children.

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They also gave away study materials to children.

ABVP distributes study materials among children.

Jyotirmoy Das of ABVP said in his address that such programs are being conducted in various rural areas for helping and motivating students of all ages.

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He said that everyone has a right to study, be he a rich or a poor person.

He said that ABVP will remain determined to educate and help children of poor and disadvantaged families.

Jagannath Nayak, a senior worker of the ABVP said in his address that education develops skills and abilities of humans and enhances mental powers so that he can become capable of attaining the supreme Satya, Shiva and Sundar.

He said that to make education accessible, there is a need to spread educational awareness in the country.

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