Monday, September 20, 2021

West Singhbhum SP Ajay Linda’s social outreach works wonders

West Singhbhum police have taken a novel step of rewarding and helping students in different areas. Talented students from Noamundi block were rewarded on Saturday and they were given footballs and jerseys. The police initiative is winning hearts in rural areas.

Chaibasa: West Singhbhum police is winning hearts with its social outreach initiatives.

Prodded by the West Singhbhum SP Ajay Linda, different police stations have come forward to help talented students in different ways.

On Saturday, a large number of 10th and 12th students of Noamundi block were given merit citations, prizes and mobile phones as well as footballs and jerseys.

On the initiative of West Singhbhum district superintendent of police Ajay Linda, the meritorious students of class 10th and 12th of Noamundi block were honored with a citation.

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Gifts to their families as a mark of respect were also given.

Manki Munda of Saranda area were also honoured by the SP, while the meritorious children of the area were provided mobile phones under mobile phone bank scheme launched earlier by the district police. Under this scheme, prominent citizens were encouraged to donate mobile phones for poor students so that those could be used in studies.

Jersey and footballs were provided to the football team of Kiriburu police station area as a gift.

Members of the Peace Committee of the Kiriburu region were also felicitated.

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