Monday, September 20, 2021

Raghubar Das visits TMH to see Archery Coach Dharmendra Tiwari

The former CM Raghubar Das asked about the health of famed international archery coach Dharmendra Tiwari and wished to see him in action on playground soon.

Jamshedpur: Dharmendra Tiwari, the famed international archery coach and Dronacharya Award winner, has been unwell for quite some time and is undergoing treatment at Tata Main Hospital. On Friday, the former CM of Jharkhand Raghubar Das visited the hospital and asked the hospital authorities about his health condition.

The former Chief Minister consulted the doctors and inquired about progress in his recovery.

The former CM also wished international archery coach Dharmendra Tiwari a quick recovery.

Later, he said that Dharmendra Tiwari’s father late Bhagwan Tiwari was associated with his party since the Jan Sangh period.

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Dharmendra Tiwari, as an archery coach, has guided and shaped many a national and international archers.

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For his excellent contribution in the field of archery and coaching, he was awarded the Dronacharya Award, the highest honor for a sports coach.

Mr. Das expressed hopes that Mr. Tiwari would return to the playground soon.

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