Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Games countries play!


The suicide bombing at Kabul Airport and indiscriminate killing of scores of Afghanis and US troops is a grim reminder to the world that the threats of terrorism still lurk and are only going to get more prominent in the days to come.

Although US President Joe Biden has vowed to take revenge and hunt down those who are responsible for the attack, it is unlikely to bring any improvement in the situation or provide any solace to those who are already grief-stricken.

13 US troops have been killed in the Kabul Airport attack along with scores of Afghani civilians.

As expected, ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

And herein lies the crux of the problem.

Although US experts have been stressing that there is a difference between ISIS and Talibans and that Talibans have now become ‘good’ and that there has been even a fight going on between good Talibans and ISIS, the ground situation points to a completely different reality.

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The US experts have failed in assessing the ‘unity in difference’ between the good terrorists and bad terrorists. They have been misguided by this ‘artificial difference’ conceptualised, popularised, sold and distributed by the Pakistan establishment.

And the conundrum gets even more complex.

On the surface, Taliban opposes ISIS-K. Now, ISIS-K is nothing but a creation of Haqqani Network. And Haqqani Network is extremist wing of Taliban.

Haqqani Network of Taliban is also controlled by Pakistan directly.

Therefore, ISIS-K is also directly controlled by Pakistan.

ISIS-K has claimed responsibility for Kabul Airport bombing.

And guess who is the chosen partner of US for terror trouble-shooting? Pakistan itself.

Pakistan is on the side of the hare as well as the fox. And honing expertise in this ‘act of dualism’ is the single biggest achievement of Pakistan since after its creation in 1947.

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This is a conundrum that Pakistan has knowingly created to assign all the bad acts of Taliban to ISIS-K and to glorify the Talibans as a ‘reformed terror organisation’ that holds ‘press conferences’ and is fit enough to hold positions in UN committees to discuss issues relating to women and minorities.

Now that Taliban have grabbed power in Afghanistan, Pakistan establishment wants, one, that it be acknowledged by the world as a responsible player and, two, that the world open its treasury to extend all financial aid to Taliban, and in turn to Pakistan.

Pakistan wants to milk the terror-fearing world to the maximum. And for this it needs the ghosts of terror alive and kicking in its backyard, preferably in another country like Afghanistan with so called ‘strategic depth’.

This is a game that has been played deftly by the Pakistan deep state for years. And this is a game that the world, read US and its allies, is unable to see through.

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The world needs to evolve a consistent policy against terrorism. And the first principle of that policy should be – all terror is loathsome and there is nothing called a ‘good terrorist’.

Also that Pakistan is the origin and epicentre of all terror activities in Asia and beyond.

Finally, does someone imagine that all these obvious facts are not known to US President Joe Biden or the US deep state? US has more think tanks than Pakistan has actual tanks. It is highly unlikely that Pakistan’s duplicitous role is not known to US.

Yet, they are playing the game the way Pakistan wants.

That, in itself, may be a part of a much larger gameplan.

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