Friday, September 17, 2021

Suicide bombing at Kabul Airport kills at least 13 US troops, scores of others, horrific videos

At least 2 explosions have been reported from Kabul. At least 13 US troops and scores of others have been killed while several have been injured. The total death toll may be in dozens. One blast was reported from Kabul Airport, while another at a hotel. ISIS hand is suspected. Horrific videos are being shared on social media showing horrors of blasts.

Desk: A suicide bomber detonated himself and killed at least 13 US troops and scores of others at Kabul Airport. Several persons have been injured in the attacks. The death toll may even cross 100 and more.

According to multiple news sources, the Islamic State (ISIS) is responsible for the attack. However, the terror group ISIS is yet to claim responsibility.

According to reports several US personnel too have been injured in the suicide attack.

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According to news coming out of Kabul, two explosions took place In Kabul. One blast occurred near Baron Hotel.

At least 13 persons, including children were killed.

There were reports of gunfire too soon after blasts.

Casualties from US military personnel too are reportedly suspected. More attacks too are possible.

Experts believe that ISIS suicide bombers may have carried out the attacks, although it has not claimed responsibility yet.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Ministry has reportedly warned that there is a threat of another terrorist attack at Kabul airport.

Some of the videos of the post-blast sites are horrific to say the least. We are not sharing them here.

However, one journalist Bilal Sarwary has given some glimpses of the situation there, which are horrific and hair-raising to say the least.

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