Thursday, January 20, 2022

Police recover cylinder bomb from Gudabandha area

East Singhbhum police campaign against naxals got a major boost as a search team found and inactivated a cylinder bomb and other explosive materials from Jian area in Gudabandha forests.

Jamshedpur: In East Singhbhum district, a search operation is underway against the militants under the leadership of SSC Dr M Tamil Vanan.

During the search operation on Tuesday, the senior superintendent of police got information about the extremists having hidden explosive materials in Jian area in Gudabanda.

The police got a tip off that the same was hidden in the forests by the extremists.

On the instructions of the SSP, a team was formed and sent on a search operation.

A search operation was carried out in the entire area.

During the operation, the police team recovered a cylinder bomb and other items.

Recovered explosive material 1
Explosive material and other items found by search team.

The recovered cylinder bomb is believed to have been hidden by the Kanhu Munda squad.

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The Senior Superintendent of Police Dr M Tamil Vanan said that Kanhu Munda had surrendered in 2017.

At that time, information was received about him hiding some items including gunpowder in the hills next to Maheshpur village.

The search operation was carried out with the BDS team of Ranchi.

During this, a steel drum and other items buried under a stone were recovered.

It also had a steel lid on it.

The Senior Superintendent of Police said that during the search operation, apart from a 30-liter drum, Motorola’s VHF wireless set and battery, a railway torch, a flash light switch, 8 meters of red cloth, electronic bolt meter, two bed switches, Naxalite literature and one set of Naxalite uniform have been recovered by the police.

The search operation was carried out by Musabani DSP Chandrashekar Azad, Musabani Zone Inspector KK Panda, Gudabanda SHO Prabhat Kumar, SI Kundan Kumar Singh, Prinan, constable Mukesh Kumar Rajak along with Ghanshyam Oraon, Manish Kumar, Manoj Kumar Damai and Lakhan Kumar Bhandari of the anti-bomb squad.

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