Friday, September 17, 2021

Kalyan Singh is no more

PM to visit Lucknow to pay respects

The man, who was the first BJP CM in UP and who sacrificed his CM post for sticking to his resolve to not allow firing on Kar Sewaks in Ayodhya, is no more.

Desk: The former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kalyan Singh has died. He breathed his last on Saturday after a heart attack following sepsis and multi organ failure. He was 89.

Kalyan Singh had also served as Rajasthan Governor and was ill for the last few months.

Kalyan Singh is credited as an able administrator and for standing his ground as the UP CM in not allowing the police to fire at the Kar Sewaks when the domes at the Ram Mandir site were being demolished by them in Ayodhya.

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Later, he instructed his lawyers to ensure that his stand that he gave written orders to the police to not fire at the kar sewaks not be diluted.

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Kalyan Singh is regarded as one who sacrificed his position as the CM for sticking to his resolve to not give firing orders against Kar Sewaks who had started demolishing the structure in Ayodhya.

Later he said on multiple occasions that he was not sorry for the demolition of the structure. He said that he had no regrets, repentance, sorry or grief. He said that many feel that the demolition was a national shame, but he felt that it was a matter of national pride.

He wished to see Ram Mandir construction completed in Ayodhya and said that he wanted to take rebirth in Ayodhya only.

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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has condoled his death and he will soon visit his residence to pay his last respect on Sunday.

According to information received, although unconfirmed yet, today at 10.45, Prime Minster @narendramodi will reach Mall Avenue to pay homage to Kalyan Singh Ji

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