Monday, September 20, 2021

Tata Steel Foundation flags off Community Vaccination Programme in Jharkhand to combat COVID-19

To combat Covid-19, Tata Steel Foundation launched a vaccination programme in West Singhbhum on Friday.

Noamundi: In an attempt to mitigate the looming threat of COVID-19 pandemic and extend community support to the local communities of Jharkhand, Tata Steel Foundation has partnered with the District National Health Mission, Jharkhand and the district administration of West Singhbhum to commence a community vaccination programme in Noamundi starting Friday.

To this effect, the campaign was inaugurated at Tata Steel Hospital, Noamundi in the presence of doctors and officials from Tata Steel Hospital and personnels from Tata Steel Foundation.

The vaccination drive, which is a joint venture between Tata Steel Foundation and Tata Medical Services, is an effort to support the nation’s campaign to alleviate the horrors of the pandemic through proper vaccination of its citizens.

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In the first day of the drive, a total of 60 individuals were administered vaccinations at the Tata Steel Hospital, with an idea to eventually saturate the area with community vaccinations and then extend to the other areas of the state, covering villages and small hamlets in the peri-urban areas.

Currently three locations in Noamundi block, namely Kotgarh High School, CHC Barajamda and PHC Jetiya have been identified as vaccination points.

“To enable equal opportunities and maintain the quality of life for the local communities lies at the core of the vision of Tata Steel Foundation.

The vaccination programme will thereby ensure that in this age of a growing pandemic our local communities from marginalised areas are provided with timely intervention and the best possible protection from the disease,” said Sourav Roy, Chief, Corporate Social Responsibility, Tata Steel.

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In the last two years, Tata Steel Foundation has been elemental in mobilising communities for receiving vaccination and by May 2021, around 40,419 vaccinations had been enabled in several districts of Jharkhand through vaccination drives.

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