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Happy Hindu Onam to all Hindus and liberals!

Attempts are on to de-root and de-link Hindu festivals from Hinduism. This is blatant attempt to digest traditions and culture of Sanatan Dharma and reveals predatory and colonial mindset behind non-Hindu and woke raids on indigenous traditions.

Onam is a Vamana Jayanti. It has always been. According to Bhagavata Purana, Lord Vishnu took birth as Vamana on Shravana Dvadashi. That is Onam eve.

Experts point out that Onam is celebrated for four days until Purnima. And it is well established that Onam marks the birth of Lord Vishnu as Vamana.

According to Hindu traditions, Onam celebrates incarnation of Lord Vishnu as Vamana and return of his devotee king Mahabali to earth.

As experts have been pointing out, as per recorded Hindu lore, Mahabali comes back every year from Sutala to see his land and celebrate Lord Vamana’s birth at Vamana temple in Thrikkkara or place of holy foot in Kochi.

However, lately there have been deliberate attempts to de-root and de-link Onam festival from Hinduism and present it as a product of Marxist-Leninist-wokeist-revolutionary thoughts and culture.

However, just because converted non-Hindus still celebrate a festival, it does not become a non-Hindu festival.

Just because many Hindus eat cakes on Christmas, the latter won’t become a secular, equalitarian and pro-farmer festival.

Christmas will remain Christian.

Irony is that Onam is being described as everything from egalitarian to revolutionary to peaceful to organic to environmentalist to world-is-one-ist, but Hindu.

There are many who feel that secular messages on Onam are actually helping in delinking the festival from its Hindu roots.

Even the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and leaders of opposition parties use all words on Onam, except Hindu, Bhagwan and deity.

Priyanka Gandhi too used the word egalitarian society for wishing on Onam.

Egalitarian? Nothing to do with Bhagwan Vishnu? King Mahabali? Hinduism?

Rahul Gandhi in a message said it is many things and also added that it is a day of introspection.

Rahul Gandhi’s message on Onam. (Source Credit: YouTube)

Introspection? Why?

It is not clear why it should be a day of introspection for those who celebrate this festival.

Should marxist-liberal lobby not do some introspection urgently as to why they are forced to fall back on plucking flowers from Hindu bouquet?

Why not create something original?

Why snatch things only from Hinduism and then run down the very culture that gave you so many beautiful things to fall back on?

It has been obvious that a conscious, and successful, attempt to digest Onam festival has been on for quite some time.

Attempts have also been made to digest other Hindu festivals.

Durga Puja too is sometimes described as a secular festival. Something on the lines of a ‘struggle against capitalism and bourgeoise.’

Some are so deracinated they even go to the extent of extolling Mahishashur and speaking ill of Devi Durga.

The special love shown by the wokeists-Abrahmists-liberals-Marxists for everything good and beautiful in Hinduism is mind-boggling.

They want to take away everything from Hinduism – its joys, cerebral festivals, dance, music, architecture, social bonding, deep philosophy, Ayurveda, yoga.

They would go to any extent to even present their gods and demi-gods in a look-form-spirit similar to Hindu deities.

Don’t be surprised if some day Karl Marx himself is shown in a dhoti.

cooked food on green ceramic plate

Yet, they would spare no effort to run down the very same Hinduism that offers so many beautiful flowers, that they so hanker for, in its bouquet of life.

In their world-view, all good things in Hinduism is marxist, while all bad things, e.g. casteism (what else?) is actual Hinduism.

The good news is that the wokeists-marxists-liberal trio cannot produce a single beautiful concept, idea or tradition that can match the joyful and cerebral rooted-in-the-land traditions of Hinduism.

The bad news is that they have been fairly successful in brainwashing even a fairly large number of Hindus and making them accept meekly their deracinated and colonial ideas.

That Onam is secular, marxist, egalitarian, Maoist and universal, in other words, anything but Hindu, is accepted and propagated by a fairly large number of Hindus themselves.

It is a fact that stares at Hindus who have no clues about how to protect and own up their own traditions, culture and religion that are increasingly under assault from all corners.

(Views are personal but credit for historical facts and references goes to twitter handle @BharadwajSpeaks)

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