Monday, September 20, 2021

Counterfeit TATA WIRON chain link fences and barbed wires seized in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

Jamshedpur: TATA WIRON’s chain link fences and barbed wire is packaged in a unique manner and all original products are sold with the same packaging by authorised dealers and distributors.

Estimated value of the seized products to be valued at around 5 lakh worth of chain link fences and 1.54 lakh worth of barbed wires.

The estimated yearly impact of chain link fences are 5.76 crores and that of the barbed wires is 1.8 crores across India.

Upon receiving information that multiple locations in Nellore District Andhra Pradesh was selling Tata Wiron Chain link fences and Barbed wire products in non -standard packaging, Tata Steel with the help of Vedayapalem Police station, V Sataram Police station and Sydapuram Police station has conducted joint raids simultaneously in 4 locations.

This unauthorised use of the Tata Wiron name is infringing on the Intellectual Property Rights of Tata Steel.

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The owners were selling fake chain link fences and barbed wires of substandard quality and selling it to consumers as that of Tata Wiron products. A joint raid with Andhra Pradesh Police was organised on the same day at Multiple locations.

Tata Steel’s products possess tremendous goodwill in the minds of the consumers by virtue of the quality of the products.

The company said that such unauthorised use of the TATA name on wire products which do not meet the quality standards of Tata Steel products hampers the reputation of Tata Steel.

Tata Steel condemned the misuse of the trademarks and logos and the use of the trademarks and logos of Tata Steel and Tata Sons without their prior permission.

In a communique, the company said that in furtherance to protecting their brand reputation and goodwill, Tata Steel’s brand protection team continuously monitors and acts against entities which are infringing on their Intellectual property rights including counterfeiters.

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It said that it will continue these efforts in monitoring and acting against any such illegal activities which are impacting their assets and their Brand.

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