Friday, September 17, 2021

World has surrendered, Afghan women and commoners have not

After the initial fear, common Afghanis have started showing resistance against Taliban and its draconian rule. There have been protests in several towns and areas rekindling hope of a wide resurgence against Taliban-Pakistan nexus that has captured power in Afghanistan

Desk: Tricked by Pakistani machinations, the world may have surrendered to Taliban and may have abandoned the citizens of the country, the common Afghanis are still resisting. And women are leading this resistance.

After the initial dazzlement and state of fear, the common Afghanis are now coming out of their trance and voices of resistance are being heard on the streets.

Several people were killed when Taliban terrorists shot at crowds showing the national flag of Afghanistan at an Independence Day rally. The firing caused complete chaos and several were killed. Earlier, three people were also shot dead by Taliban when they tried to hoist Afghanistan national flag.

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Demonstrations and protests are being reported from several cities, including Asadabad.

The most interesting thing is that the protests are being led by women in Kabul.

There are many observers who are impressed by the resistance being shown by women of Afghanistan and feel that this may be the beginning of national resistance against Taliban.

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Women have been at the receiving end of Taliban and there is fear that women would again have to face the same mayhem as they faced in the previous regime of Taliban.

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Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh has declared himself as the Acting President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and is reportedly trying to regroup against Taliban.

In his latest remark, he said: “Nations must respect the rule of law , not violence. Afghanistan is too big for Pakistan to swallow and too big for Talibs to govern. Don’t let your histories have a chapter on humiliation and bowing to terror groups.”

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