Monday, September 20, 2021

I left Kabul to avoid bloodshed: Ashraf Ghani

Desk: Ashraf Ghani, the deposed Afghan president who had to flee the country and take refuge in UAE said Wednesday that he left Kabul to avoid bloodshed and said that he did not take any money with him as was being reported by some.

Ashraf Ghani, who is still viewed by many Afghanistanis as their leader and is called ‘Baba’, released a video message for the people of Afghanistan.

Ghani has been criticised by many for quitting suddenly and leaving his countrymen in the lurch. However, Ghani, in his statement, said that he did not quit himself, but was forced to do so.

He said that he did not want to be hanged as the President of Afghanistan and that is why he chose to leave the country as advised by government officials.

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In his message he said: “They were looking to find me and what had happened in Afghanistan 25 years ago was going to happen again. That was something that needed to be avoided, a shameful development like that needs to be avoided.”

He said that he did not take any asset or documents and left only in plain clothes. He said that all important documents are now in the palace with the new rulers.

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