Monday, September 20, 2021

Bidyut Mahato, Samir Mohanty inaugurate multispecialty clinic in Baharagora

The Jamshedpur MP and Baharagora MLA on Tuesday inaugurated a multispecialty clinic in Ichrasol Market in Baharagora.

Bahargora: A new health clinic Paras Multispecialist Clinic was formally inaugurated jointly by the MP of Jamshedpur Bidyut Baran Mahato and Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty in Ichrasol market in Baharagora.

The clinic is equipped with modern health facilities and will boast of the services of doctors like Dr. Champai Soren. It was inaugurated at Ichrashol Bazar, Bahargora in East Singhbhum district.

On Tuesday, the East Singhbhum MP Bidyut Mahto and Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty jointly inaugurated Paras Multispecialty Clinic. The clinic will have modern facilities.

In his address, the MLA Samir Mohanty said that opening of multispecialty health center in a rural area and that too with all the health facilities at a time when people are facing covid-19 is a good sign for Bahargora.

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The MLA said that such health centers should be opened in every block of Bahargora assembly constituency, so that the villagers do not need to go out in emergency for health facilities.

He said that now people can easily avail of better medical treatment in the rural health center itself.

Those who were present on the occasion included the former MLA and former Health Minister Dr. Dinesh Sharangi, Shivcharan Hansda, Mukhiya Bidhan Mandi, Rash Behari Sao, Arun Barik, Rajiv Giri, Sumit Maiti, Khitish Munda , Rajiv Lenka, Lalu Hansda, Durga Murmu, Mithun Kar, Vishal Barki and others.

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