Monday, September 20, 2021

Blood donation camp at CRM Plant in Tata Steel, 72 units collected

Jamshedpur: A blood donation camp was organised in the conference hall of the department. The camp was organised under the guidance of JDC, CRM, Tata Steel.

In the blood donation camp organised on Tuesday, the employees of Tata Steel as well as the employees of the contractors donated blood.

Following the Corona guidelines, 72 units of blood were collected in the camp. The purpose was to address the crisis of blood in Jamshedpur Blood Bank.

A total of 138 bottles of blood were collected in two days by JDC, CRM of Tata Steel.

In the blood donation camp organized on Tuesday, the department Chief Ravi Prakash and Tata Workers Union’s co-secretary Nitesh Raj briefly addressed the employees and said that blood donation is great donation.

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They said that help will be given to the needy people in medical emergencies.

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He also appealed to the common people to donate blood so that there is no shortage of blood in the blood bank.

They said that no one should die for want of blood.

Those who contributed in making the program successful included Shashi Bhushan, K.S. Jha, JDC Vice Chairman Ashwini Mathan, Ayushi Das, Saroj Pandey, Sandeep Behera, Gulab Yadav, Ashok Gupta, Dineshwar Kumar, Suraj Kumar, Noor Mohammad, Rajesh Mahanti, Prabhunath, Rizwan and Santosh.

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