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Sports competition on Independence Day at Baridih Vijaya Garden

Vijaya Garden residents hoisted tricolour on Independence Day and also participated in a sports competition to celebrate the occasion.

Jamshedpur: National Flag was hoisted by the residents of Baridih Vijaya Garden on the occasion of 75th Independence Day.

The event was held at Baridih Vijay Garden Central Puja Ground. National flag was hoisted by senior citizen CP Chaudhary.

The women of Vijaya Garden participated enthusiastically on the occasion.

After the flag hoisting, a sports competition was also organized for the entertainment of the school children and parents.

Children and elders of Vijaya Garden participated in the competition.

A chocolate race was organized for children too.

In chocolate race, Ved Gaurav got the first position, Arodhya Sinha second, Vibha Prasad came third place.

In the balancing game for elders, male S Mishra got first place, Rajvansh got second, Dev Gaurav got third place.

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Nandini won the first position and Twinkle in the second place among women.

On the occasion, prizes were given by the committee for boosting the morale of all the players.

Mitta Pal of the committee said that on the occasion of 75th Independence Day, homage was paid to Mother India and to the freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the country.

He said that we can never forget this history.

Those who organised the programme included Mitta Pal, Priyanka Verma, Reshmi, Ritu, Bina, Joshna, Vijay Singh of Vijay Garden, Sham Bhushan, of Bijay Garden Creative Ladies Group, Apart from Vimala Singh and others.

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