Monday, February 6, 2023

Thieves break into closed house in Sidhgora, steal cash, jewellery worth Rs. 10 lakh

Unknown thieves broke into the house of R K Jha and stole ornaments and cash worth Rs. 10 lakh. Police are investigating the case. No arrests have been made yet.

Jamshedpur: On Friday night, around Rs 10 lakh including cash and jewelery was stolen from the closed house of Tata Steel employee Ritesh Kumar Jha, a resident of Cross Road No. 21, Quarter No. 7 in Sidhgora.

Neighbours came to know about the theft only on Saturday morning. The neighbours informed the house owner R k Jha on phone.

The Sidgora police was also informed about the theft.

The police reached the spot and started investigation.

The thieves allegedly entered the house from behind.

They also broke the cupboard and locker, stole cash and jewellery.

On Saturday morning, the neighbours, seeing the back door of the house open, informed the landlord Ritesh about it on mobile.

After this he informed his brother Vijay Jha who lives in Kadma.

On receiving information about the theft, brother Vijay Jha reached Sidgora from Kadma.

The cupboard and locker were broken.

Household items were scattered all around.

A written complaint has been lodged with the police about the theft.

Ritesh Jha is out of station with his family.

The family says that ornaments and cash worth Rs. 10 lakh were stolen.

Regarding the incident, Dy SP Virendra Kumar Ram said the thieves entered by breaking the lock of the closed house.

Police are investigating the case. No arrest has been made yet.


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