Monday, September 20, 2021

Specially-abled Abhijit Ghosh gets govt benefits after 15 years

Health Minister Banna Gupta not only met Abhijit Ghosh, but also got him vaccinated and promised old-age pension to his mother.

Jamshedpur: Abhijit Ghosh, a differently-abled resident of Kadma, could not get government help for the last 15 years. However, things have changed now. Thanks to the initiative taken by a few of his friends and BJP leader Dinesh Kumar, the Health Minister Banna Gupta on Friday visited his house and met him and assured all help.

Abhijit Ghosh will now get government benefits.

###Important Points:

  • BJP’s former district president Dinesh Kumar hands over wheel-chair to beneficiary
  • Abhijit Ghosh is bed-ridden for the last 15 years
  • BJP leader handed over wheelchair, got vaccination done, mother Manjushree Ghosh will soon get old age pension.
  • Health Minister Banna Gupta issues instructions to the civil surgeon for medical help.
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At the initiative of the former BJP district president Dinesh Kumar, not only the administration officials, but the Health Minister Banna Gupta himself reached his house and met him.

Abhijit Ghosh, a resident of Kadma, has been bed-ridden for the last fifteen years. Being physically disabled, he is unable to walk.

The financial condition of the family is not very good. Some of Abhijeet’s friends Arun Kumar, Jagdeep Singh, M. Venkata Sai, Rajesh Agarwal remain in constant touch with the family.

His friends have been providing him help.

One of his friends Arun Kumar had sought help from the former BJP District President Dinesh Kumar for arranging a wheelchair as well as covid-19 vaccination for Abhijit Ghosh.

On Friday, Dinesh Kumar provided him a wheelchair and with the help of Nagesia Smita, the mobile vaccination in-charge of the district administration, he was also vaccinated and given first dose of vaccine at home.

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BJP leader Dinesh Kumar learnt that for years Abhijit Ghosh has been unable to get a disability certificate and his mother too is not getting old-age pension.

Even on this, Dinesh Kumar urged the District Deputy Commissioner to get help at the earliest.

However, the application for old age pension has been submitted.

The pension amount will be sanctioned soon.

Dinesh Kumar apprised the Health Minister Banna Gupta about Abhijit’s issue and the later himself reached his house and spoke to the Civil Surgeon to get him checked and ensure physiotherapy for him.

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