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The world is fast arriving to the conclusion that the key to controlling Taliban violence lies with and in Pakistan. Economic sanctions and isolation of Pakistan maybe the only tools available to the world for checking Taliban violence.


Amid escalation of violence and increasing number of townships and provinces falling to Taliban, there is a growing call for sanctions against Pakistan.

Although most of the world is largely ignoring the pernicious role that the immediate neighbour of Afghanistan has played in fomenting violence in the land-locked country, the Afghanis themselves are now recognising the fact that their country has been torn apart only because Pakistan wants their country to remain subservient to its own machinations.

Those Afghanis who understand geopolitical situation are now openly calling for the international community to punish Pakistan for having supported Taliban gain grounds in their country and unleashing a never-ending violent conflict on their country.

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It is now a common knowledge that Taliban have safe havens in several of Pakistani cities and they are free to do anything that they want.

United Nations may not be, but the experts and knowing persons in the international community are slowly arriving to the conclusion that the key to the conundrum of Afghanistan actually lies in Pakistan. To be exact, in sanctioning Pakistan and making it relent.

Pakistan is a breeding and feeding ground for all kinds of terror outfits. Most of the terror outfits in Asia owe their origin, help and training to this utterly hopeless country.

Pakistan is not only dangerous for international peace, it is also inimical to anything that can be termed civil and modern.

Its madrasas and schools as well as mainstream media brainwash children, youth and men-women and turn the entire rest-of-humanity into a potential and hateful target.

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#SanctionPakistan hashtag was started by Chris Alexander, Canada’s former ambassador in Kabul and minister of citizenship and immigration in former Canada PM Stephen Harper’s cabinet.

Alexander has served in Kabul and knows the ground situation first hand.

He has been at the forefront in drawing attention of the world to the fact that the real solution to Afghanistan problem lies in sanctioning and punishing Pakistan, instead of rewarding it.

Now the overseas Afghanis, and those from Afghanistan who understand the world politics, are coming to the same conclusion and openly supporting the call for sanctioning Pakistan.

The hashtag #SanctionPakistan started trending worldwide showing the support it was garnering in the international community.

As the US forces withdraw before the oncoming deadline of August 31 and as Taliban continue their ascendance, there is a growing feeling among the experts that economic sanctions and threat of isolation against Pakistan maybe the only tools available to the international community that can actually work against Taliban.

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Taliban themselves do not care for either economy or isolation. But their masters, coach and mentor Pakistan does.

Not much time is left now.

With open and tacit support of Pakistan Army, Taliban are now gaining ground in newer areas of Afghanistan. It is only a matter of time before they reach Kabul.

Chris Alexander’s hashtag has evoked massive support all over the world. This irked Pakistan so much that they are now demanding action against Chris Alexander.

Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, Abdul Hameed, has written to the Head of Conservative party of Canada to take appropriate action against Chris for exposing Pakistan’s terror links on social media.

While this shows the nervousness of Pakistan as the world starts to understand its nefarious role in the battle-torn Afghanistan, the sad fact is that the international community has not done anything to curb its machinations.

However, now that the facts are slowly coming to the fore, there is a possibility of the international community coming to the right conclusions and putting checks and curbs on Pakistan.

For now, most of the world terror stills flows out of Pakistan.

The earlier the world community understands this and takes action, the better.

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