Friday, September 17, 2021

RMS School Sonari mgmt and parents reach understanding

DEO-mediated tripartite talks broke the ice and school mgmt agreed to hike fee by only 10%. Parents too accepted this nominal hike.

Jamshedpur: The stalemate over fee hike in RMS School, Sonari has now been resolved. The management has agreed to limit the hike to just 10 %, while the parents too agreed to accept it.

The DEO-mediated talks helped in resolving the issue.

During the tripartite talks in the District Education Department office on Wednesday, the school management agreed to increase the fees by only 10%, accepting the demand of the parents’ union.

After the talks, Jamshedpur Parents Association President Dr. Umesh Kumar expressed his gratitude to the District Education Superintendent and the school management.

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He said that the parents’ union is satisfied with this agreement, he said. There is no problem now as the parents have agreed to pata hike of 10%, which is nominal.

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