Friday, September 17, 2021

New principal of Jamshedpur Co-op College inspects college campus

The new principal of Jamshedpur Co-operative College Dr. Amar Singh issued directives to repair broken benches, desks and chairs. Roof work too would be done and campus would be cleaned up.

Jamshedpur: Soon after taking charge, the new principal of Jamshedpur Co-operative College Dr. Amar Singh inspected the college campus and issued directives to improve the facilities and resources in the college.

Dr. Amar Singh took stock of the college campus on Thursday after taking over. Meanwhile and after inspecting the college directed the employees to get the broken benches, desks and chairs repaired.

He also issued instructions to get the college campus cleaned and get the broken windows, glass chair tables, and bathroom doors repaired.

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The principal said that the college land was earlier 42 acres, but today it is only 30 acres.

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Many windows of the college rooms are broken. Benches, desks and chairs are broken in many rooms too.

He said that in such a situation, students may face problems when offline classes are resumed in the college.

Right now the classes are being held online.

He will write a letter to the concerned department to improve the infrastructure of the college.

The principal also saw water dripping from the roof of the college.

The college campus itself is full of bushes and shrubbery in the rainy season.

Steps are being taken to clean up the campus.

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