Monday, November 28, 2022

India’s sacred duty to help minorities of Afghanistan

Already living as second-class citizens, Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan run a risk of being completely exterminated. It is India’s historic responsibility to save them. It also underlines the importance of CAA.


Taliban are slowly increasing their area of domination in Afghanistan almost every day. New towns and new areas are falling to them regularly as foreign mercenary fighters are joining forces with the Afghani Taliban and with the help of Pakistan military they are trying to capture a vast swathe of the landlocked country.

The condition of minorities, however little is left of them, in Afghanistan is unthinkable. They must be living in indescribable dread of an impending Taliban rule.

Already forced to live like a second-class citizen in an Islamic land, the minorities, Hindus and Sikhs to be specific, need special help from the international community, especially India.

It is heartening to note that even Congress leaders are now appealing to the Indian government to do everything to bring the endangered Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan to India.

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Congress letter Jaiveer Shergill has written to the Minister for External Affairs to evacuate Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan on special visa.

It is ironical, because many of these same leaders had opposed CAA on the grounds that Muslims too should be given shelter under the provisions of the act.

The fact that Hindus and Sikhs are almost on the brink of extermination in Afghanistan highlights their sad plight.

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The international community never pays any attention to the minorities of any Islamic land. Mainly, because indiscriminate violence becomes the norm in such countries and internecine violence and general loss of lives hogs the limelight and minorities do not find any space among headlines.

It is sad but true that the world never gets the time to turn its eyes to the plight of minorities in Islamic world. The torture and inhuman treatment of minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh is an apt example.

Even on last Friday, four Mandirs were reportedly vandalised and at least 50 households looted and destroyed in Khulna district of Bangladesh.

Yet, there is hardly any report in mainstream Bangladesh newspapers or TV channels. There are only a few filtered news items and photographs shared on social media.

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Nothing comes out as the society and the world at large shows no concern and has almost normalised the regular violence against minorities in Islamic countries.

However, it is the responsibility of the Indian government to do everything to ensure that the Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan are given all necessary support and if needed brought to India.

This is the least that India can do to save the people of Indic origin, who, for no fault of theirs, are caught in the crosshairs of history.

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