Thursday, January 20, 2022

Elephant herd damages four houses in Chakulia block

A herd of elephants damaged four houses in Chakulia block. MLA Samir Mohanty met the victims and extended financial help. He also asked forest Department to pay compensation to them.

Baharagora: Herds of wild elephants have caused a lot of consternation among villagers of Chakulia block. One herd entered Dumurdiha village of Kalapathar panchayat in Chakulia block Monday late night and created havoc.

The villagers tried to make the herd of elephants leave their village. However, before leaving the elephants damaged at least four houses in the village.

Fortunately, no casualties were caused in the melee.

Soon after receiving information about the incident, Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty met the four affected families.

He also spoke to the DFO of the forest department and asked him to ensure that the forest department pays adequate compensation to the affected villagers.

The MLA also extended financial help to the four families as immediate relief.

Those who were present on the occasion included District Councillor Shiv Charan Hansda, Raja Barik, Chandi Nayak, Sakhila Murmu, Ram Murmu and Rahul Giri.

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