Friday, September 17, 2021

’India March for Science’ in Potka

Awareness campaign to increase scientific temper

Potka: With a view to encouraging scientific temper among the people of an ‘India March for Science’ was organised in Potka.

The participants of the March demanded at least 3% increase in the budget for education sector by the Government of India.

They also pressed for more spending spending on scientific research and 10% of the total budget to be allocated for education.

The participants urged the government to take steps for eradicating superstition, witchcraft from the society.

The March was organised jointly by Breakthrough Science Society, Jamshedpur and social organisation Yuva Jamshedpur.

The March started out from Putlupung village to Chakdi turnaround.

The rally started from Putlupung and turned into a meeting after reaching Chaki turnaround.

India March for Science in Potka

The meeting was conducted by Ujjwal Kumar Mandal, member of Breakthrough Science Society.

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Teacher Arbind Tiwary highlighted the purpose of the campaign and said that without scientific thinking, development of human civilisation is not possible.

He said that today many unscientific steps are being taken even by the science teachers, which is a curse for science.

Retired teacher Ranjit Sardar said that science has an important role in the evolution of every living being.

Chairman of Kisan Samiti Lakhan Chandra Mandal emphasised on scientific method of farming.

Retired teacher Ashutosh Mandal proposed the vote of thanks.

The participants included retired teacher Jaihari Singh Munda, Dilip Mandal, Lakhanchandra Mandal, Ashutosh Mandal, Devasish, Chandrakala Munda, Arup Kumar, Khelaram Mahili, Ranjit Sardar, Girish Mandal, Utpal Mandal, Reela Sardar, Anil Bodra and others.

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