Monday, September 20, 2021

State Health Minister Banna Gupta’s day out with Auto drivers

Jamshedpur: The State Health Minister Banna Gupta took to auto rickshaw driving on Saturday on the roads of Jamshedpur. He also made an appeal to the auto rickshaw drivers of the city to adopt CNG without any concern.

Banna Gupta is also an MLA from Jamshedpur West and this is the reason that whenever he gets a chance, he goes out among the people of his constituency.

On Saturday the occasion was special. The minister had started his political career by leading the auto rickshaw drivers of the city.

For now, the auto drivers of the city are unhappy with the government decision to convert all autorickshaws to CNG.

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Banna Gupta has his support base among auto rickshaw drivers completely intact. However, the CNG issue has come as an issue that may upset the support base among autorickshaw drivers.

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Banna Gupta’s decision to reach out to auto drivers and persuade them to accept the government decision and switch over to CNG did get many backers from among the auto drivers.

Although the auto drivers looked happy at his attempt to win their heart, it would be difficult to persuade and convince all of them to accept the government decision so easily.

The Health Minister also apprised the auto drivers with the merits of CNG.

However, the Health Minister has asked the administration to not deal with the auto rickshaw drivers strictly over the issue and give them enough time to switch over to CNG.

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