Friday, September 17, 2021

Narayana to provide free residential coaching to 20 meritorious students

Jamshedpur: Narayana Jamshedpur will provide free residential coaching facilities to 20 meritorious students.

The Vice President of Narayana, K Laxman Rao announced this during a press conference.

He told that apart from Bihar and Jharkhand, poor and meritorious children of Orissa, West Bengal will also be provided free of cost facilities, including books, notebooks, food and accommodation to help them in preparation for entrance examinations for admission in IITs and medical colleges.

He said that for the 42 years, a lot of contribution has been made by Narayana in the area of education.

The Vice President K Laxman Rao said that Narayana was started in Chennai.

At present, about 6 lakh children are being educated through Narayana in 18 states of the country.

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He said that the Jamshedpur Center is being given a new gift.

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A permanent studio is now being set up at the Jamshedpur centre. Children here can always study in digital mode.

They can also connect with other centers of the country.

Children will be admitted to class VIII and would be prepared for school level examinations as well as competitive examinations.

He said that the entire process has been designed by the coaching center.

There will be a written examination of the children first.

After passing their IQ level will be checked.

After that, information about the financial condition of the parents of the children will be taken by interviewing them.

During this, 20 children will be selected for free residential coaching.

Ram Bhushan, director of Narayana’s Jamshedpur Center was also present at the press conference.

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