Friday, September 17, 2021

Admn holds meeting for Muharram, no procession this year too

Akhara committees asked to avoid gathering, follow Covid-19 guidelines

Jamshedpur: The district administration held a meeting with Muharram Akhara Committees on Friday at Azadnagar. The administration informed the committee members that even this year procession would not be allowed on Muharram keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in mind.

On Friday, the ADM Nandkishore Lal and City SP Subhash Chandra Jat held a meeting with 20 licensed Akhada committees of the city at a hotel in Azad Nagar and appealed to the committees to not take out tazias and processions in compliance with the government guidelines.

The officers also appealed to them to co-operate with the district administration.

The ADM Law and Order NK Lal told the Akhara committees to follow the government rules and not take out any traditional procession.

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Later, he said that all the Akhara committees of the city have assured full cooperation to the district administration.

He said that the Akhara committees have agreed to strictly follow the government guidelines.

The City SP Subhash Chandra Jat also told the akhara committees of the city to avoid gathering or taking out processions under any circumstances and celebrate the festival keeping the Covid-19 norms in mind.

The City SP said that organising any kind of fair, gathering or use of sound boxes will be disallowed.

Senior members of different Akhara committees and other community members present in the meeting agreed to co-operate with the district administration.

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