Friday, September 17, 2021

Govindpur sexual assault victim seeks police protection

Victim’s family appeals to Dist Admin to ensure justice and protection of life

Jamshedpur: In a shocking development, a victim of sexual assault has alleged that she is being constantly harassed after she lodged a case. She along with family members reached the SSP Office on Friday and appealed to the police and the district administration to provide protection as well as justice.

The victim said that since after the incident and the FIR, the accused has been repeatedly making video calls and pressurising her to withdraw the case.

She said that she is being called from different phone numbers.

She also revealed that Friday morning a few persons came to her house and threatened her too.

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She said that since the day she lodged the case against the accused, she is being intimidated and harassed.

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She alleged that her family is living under constant fear.

Seeing the risk to the lives of her family members, she reached the SSP office and sought protection for herself and her family and also urged the district administration to ensure justice in the case.

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