Friday, August 19, 2022

Taliban kills Afghani poet and historian Abdullah Atifi

Desk: In yet another ghastly incident in Afghanistan, a noted historian Abdullah Atifi was reportedly killed by the Taliban in the Southern province of Uruzgan Wednesday night.

Abdullah Atefi was a poet and writer as well as historian. He was from Uruzgan province. He was killed Wednesday night by Taliban.

The Governor of Uruzgan, Mohammad Omar Shirzad, said that Atefi was dragged out of his house in Chora district before being killed.

Some observers of Afghanistan said that Abdullah Atefi had 2 master degrees, in Economics as well as History.

He was allegedly taken out of his home in Chora district of Urozgan by the ISI backed Talibans and shot dead on the spot.

Many intellectuals, journalists and observers have condemned the killing.

Saad Mohseni the Director of MOBYgroup in a tweet observed: “Taliban 2.0 seems a lot more brutal than its earlier version.

There have been reports of widespread violence against women and children too in the areas captured by Taliban. Strict code of conduct has been enforced by the Taliban in its areas of influence.


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