Saturday, January 28, 2023

No country for Hindus


Yet another Hindu temple, Ganesh Mandir, has been ravaged by Islamists in Bhong village in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab in Pakistan.

This is nothing new, but just another day and another attack on the already extinct Hindu community in the Islamic State of Pakistan.

No places of worship of any minority has ever been safe in Pakistan. However, Hindu mandirs and Hindu girls have been special targets for them. For two reasons. One, it brings out the worst from Islamists and the second, it evokes no reaction from within the country or without.

If they attack Christian minorities, human rights and Christian bodies in the West get active and a few governments even take up initiatives to help the victims and in some cases extend legal and monetary help to get the victims out. The democratic and Christian west comes to their aid and exerts pressure on Pakistani government to help the victims.

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The most remarkable thing of such attacks on Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India for that matter, is that there is almost nil resistance from the victim community.

The world, at large, too ignores the attacks on lives and property of Hindus as something that is routine and unnoticeable.

Not a single human right organisation in the world, anywhere, will even whimper and not a single country or their parliament would ever condemn the incident, nor would they pass any resolution. Not even India.

In history, during the last 1000 years, some of the worst carnages and genocides of the world have been carried out against Hindus. Even in 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

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And the systematic annihilation of Hindu community, of whatever has been left of them, continues in several countries and several parts of the world even in 21st century.

However, the world remains mute spectator. Not a single newspaper or TV channel in Pakistan has reported the incident yet or carried any news. There is no mention of it in the Dawn, till now, although the incident was telecast live on social media.

Contrast that with any instance of injustice against black people, or jews or Muslims, anywhere in the world. The world rises up in protest and condemnation and does everything to ensure that the injustice is not only taken note of, but also addressed.

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The world, however, largely ignores the injustices heaped upon the Hindu community.

Even India will not condemn the incident. The United Nations will not even take a passing notice. US and USSR would not take it as an attack on democracy and minorities. They will not issue threats or warnings to Pakistan government to make amends. No surveys will call out Pakistan as an intolerant society. There would be no headlines in foreign newspapers.

Even Hindus will not take out any march, peaceful or violent. They will wear no black badges either. Legislators would not bring about resolutions, not would condemn it. Journalists will not write articles and historians will not record it as an act of shame in the history of humans.

That is largely because Hindus, for historical and deeply psychological reasons, are themselves forgetful and prefer to remain forgetful of their prevailing condition and oncoming threats.

This collective amnesia is existential and pathological. And it is the reason why the world too prefers to turn its eyes away from their plight everywhere.

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