Friday, September 17, 2021

Maulana Ansar Khan meets Health Minister, seeks street lights in Mango

Jamshedpur: A delegation of East Singhbhum district Congress committee, led by Maulana Ansar Khan, secretary of minority cell of the party, met the Health Minister Banna Gupta at his residence in Kadma on Monday and urged him to ensure that street lights are fitted in different areas of Mango.

The delegation also submitted a memorandum to the minister.

Later, Ansar Khan said that several areas in Mango do not have street lights and this causes problems for the residents.

He said that the entire bustee is plunged into darkness due to their being no street lights.

He said that while commuters face problems due to this, the residents too face a lot of problems as addiction and theft have become commonplace.

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He said that at least 3000 street lights are required to be installed in Mango.

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The Health Minister Banna Gupta assured the delegation to look into the issue and ensure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

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