Monday, September 20, 2021

Jugsalai MLA Mangal Kalindi inaugurates water tower in Goiladera in Ghodabandha panchayat

Jamshedpur: Jugsalai MLA Mangal Kalindi inaugurated a water tower constructed in Goiladera in East Ghodabandha panchayat.

The water tower has been constructed with the support of MLA Fund.

Mangal Kalindi inaugurated the water tower with rituals and puja.

Later, the MLA said that there was a serious water crisis in the Goiladera region.

He said that the villagers had apprised him with the shortage of water in the Eastern Ghodabandha panchayat.

The MLA had approved construction of water tower, which was constructed with Rs. 5.28 lakh from the MLA fund.

The water tower would not supply water to hundreds of villagers.

Speaking on the occasion, the JMM MLA Mangal Kalindi said that development of villages is the first priority of the government.

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He said that the public welfare schemes scheme being run by the Hemant government has started reaching the people in an accessible manner.

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The benefit of these schemes will be available to the people of the area in the coming days, he said.

He said that during the Corona period, the government of Mahagathbandhan has accelerated the pace of development in the state.

Continuous efforts are being made for the development of rural areas, he said.

JMM leader and Telco Mandal President Nandu Sardar, Vikram Singh, Binit Jaiswal, Ram Gorai, Rajan, Shamshad, Govinda Pramanik, Sadhu Pramanik, Dilip besides villagers were present on this occasion.

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