Thursday, January 20, 2022

Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty attends meeting with villagers

Jamshedpur: The JMM MLA from Baharagora Samir Mohanty attended a meeting with the villagers in Behra and Saldoha village in Pathra Panchayat in Baharagora.

The villagers apprised the MLA with the problems they have been facing for a long time.

The MLA assured the villagers that their problems relating to PCC road, hand pump, deep boring, canal and old age pension would be solved soon.

Those who were present in the meting included Shivcharan Hansda, Api Band, Pankaj Bhol, Babulu Giri, Piku Das, Tarak Ghatwari, Villagers of the area Soti Prasad Giri, Amit Kumar Giri, Apoorva Ghatwari, Shasdhar Ghatwari, Tamal Mahakud, Bapi Giri, Champak Ghatwari, Badal Patra, Pratush Giri, Makhan Lal Ghatwari and Phani Bhushan Giri.

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