Monday, September 20, 2021

Youth caught for snatching mobile in Sakchi

Jamshedpur: A youth was caught for snatching a mobile phone in Sakchi on Sunday. He was trying to run away after having snatched the mobile phone from a person.

The police said that the youth was caught by locals while he was running away with a mobile snatched from a person who was buying vegetables near Basant Talkies in Sakchi. The locals handed him over to the police.

After catching him for the alleged theft, the mob allegedly also thrashed him before handing him over to the police.

During interrogation, the youth told the police about other members in his gang too.

He told the police that that all of them work for a woman and all the stolen mobiles are handed over to her.

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In return, the woman gives them money, he revealed.

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During interrogation, the youth said that he lives near Tatanagar Railway Station.

The police are trying to find out who that woman kingpin is.

In Jamshedpur, several mobile snatcher gangs have been active in the past too.

However, this is the first time when the involvement of a woman as a gang leader has come to light.

The police are trying to find out about other members of the mobile snatching gang.

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