Monday, January 30, 2023

Risks of Afghanistan chaos spillover


The brutal killing of a comedian Nazar Mohammad alias Khasha Zwan by Taliban in Afghanistan has sent shivers down the rest of the world, although it came as no surprise to the Afghani people themselves.

Violence is par for the course with Afghanis now as they know that they are in for a long struggle with Pakistan-assisted brutal Taliban.

Most of the reactions from the Pakistani masses indicate that they are happy with the way the Taliban are killing innocent citizens, women and children. Because this is what they excel in – unrestrained violence and celebration of inhuman treatment of opponents. The entire idea of Pakistan is based on a simple binary – them vs us.

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The Pashtuns and Afghanis, in general, have started recognizing the dangerous double-games that Pakistan has been playing and they are now assembling courage to protest it.

The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement has been opposing the Pakistani misadventure in Afghanistan for a long time now.

The huge rally and long march to Makin and its success shows how angered the common Pashtun is with the Pakistani junta.

It is sad that the world at large is completely oblivious of the spill-over effect that the chaos of Afghanistan is likely to have in the entire region.

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The effects of Pakistan’s Taliban Project will not remain confined to Afghanistan. They are likely to first spill over in the border areas of Pakistan and then spread over a vast area of influence from Iran to China to India to Sri Lanka to Maldives.

Pakistan is already feeling the scorching spillover effect as the terrorist activities are seeing an upsurge.

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Terrorism is never confined to areas where terrorists operate. The effect spreads in a much wider area. It springs forth from an ideological base and derives strength from popular support.

The remarkable aspect of the Afghanistan chaos is that the entire world recognises the military and ideological support extended to Taliban by the state of Pakistan. Yet, the world, instead of taking punitive measures, has either chosen to look away or has rewarded Pakistan with selective silence.

The only redeeming aspect is that the people of Afghanistan, those who have some understanding of the geopolitical situation around them, are now coming closer to identifying the root-cause of their problems.

Finally, it is they who would also find the solution to the deep malaise that Afghanistan is in today.

Afghanistan security forces are still fighting hard and despite the endless propaganda from the Pakistani establishment that the Taliban has virtually taken over the entire Afghanistan, the fact remains that the Ashraf Ghani’s government is still well-entrenched in Kabul and several other cities and the forces are holding fort in a large part of the country.

The world needs to extend all help to the brave security forces of Afghanistan who are fighting hard to save their motherland from savage Taliban.

At the same time, the world should also seriously considering imposing heavy sanctions on Pakistan for causing mayhem and destruction in Afghanistan for its narrow goals that it proudly flaunts as the ‘strategic depth policy’.

After all, without curing the ‘Pakistan problem’, Afghanistan is unlikely to get out of this morass.

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