Monday, September 20, 2021

Sidhgora Arogyam Hospital doctor meets SSP, demands security

Jamshedpur: Dr. Shravan Kumar of Arogyam Hospital, Sidhgora today met the SSP Dr. M Tamil Vanan and sought personal security and safety from him. He apprised the SSP with the assault on him on Sunday and expressed his dissatisfaction with the police action in the case.

Dr. Shravan Kumar said that on Sunday he was assaulted by a few local boys who were sitting at the Arogya Hospital gate. He alleged that when he asked them to let him go inside the hospital,, they started abusing him and chased him with hockey stick.

Dr. Shravan Kumar said that somehow he ran into the hospital and then, the boys entered the hospital and assaulted him as well as the lady staff and also abused them. He also said that they vandalised the hospital.

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Later, he said, he informed the Sidhgora police about the incident. However, the officer in charge advised him to resolve the minor dispute by mutual talk.

He said that the assaulters were again seen roaming around the hospital and may look for an opportunity to assault him again.

Dr. Shravan Kumar sought protection from the SSP and also urged him to ensure justice in the case.

He has named the son of Congress district president and others of assaulting him and vandalising the hospital.

On the other hand, the Congress president Vijay Khan too met the SSP on Monday and urged him to order an impartial investigation of the incident.

He said that he has not met the doctor for the last 10 years, but he knows him. He said that whatever an impartial probe by the administration reveals and whatever decisions the administration takes he would go by that and accept that.

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Dr. Shravan Kumar meets SSP and seeks security for himself and Arogyam Hospital Sidhgora.

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