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Pakistani Hindu Reena Meghwar, who was abducted from Vivah Mandap, cries for help

Desk: Reena Meghwar, the Hindu girl who was abducted from her vivah mandap and was converted to Islam forcefully in Sindh Pakistan in February 2021, has again pleaded to go home. She said that she wants to go to her home and that she is not a muslim.

In a video clip tweeted by Veengas J, a journalist and founding editor of The Rise News of Pakistan, Reena Meghwar, is seen pleading for help in going home.

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She says she is not a Muslim and that she was threatened and asked not to give statement in favour of her parents.

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She says: “I was abducted & converted. Please let me go to my parents. Culprits & police threatened me to remain with rapists otherwise they will kill my family and relatives.”

The Hindu girl Reena Meghwar had escaped earlier, but was caught & now she’s urging for help.

Reena Meghwar was abducted from Keriogjar, Badin from her Vivah Mandap on February 13, 2021 and she was forcefully converted to Islam and then married to a man.

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She was picked up at gunpoint by Pakistani Qasim Khaskeli from her wedding mandap from Vanua, Sindh on 13th Feb 2021.

Her family had lodged an FIR, but the police did not rescue the girl.

Later, a video emerged in February 2021 itself, where she was seen asking for help from terrace of her abductor’s house, where she was kept as a sex slave.

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that was tweeted by Veengas J at that time, that showed her crying and making pleas for going home.

However, during the last five months, her pleas went unheeded.

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Now Veengas has again tweeted a video clip in which she is shown saying that she is not a Muslim and that she wants to go home.

Abduction and forced conversion of Hindu and Christian women in Pakistan is a routine affair and no one pays any attention to it.

In Pakistan, the number of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians has gone down drastically. In 1947 the population share of minorities in Pakistan was 23%. However, within a few decades it has now gone down to mere 3-4%. Most have been either forcefully converted or forced to flee and seek shelter in India.

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Pakistan, since after its formation, has killed millions of Hindus systematically. In the erstwhile Bangladesh, its Army massacred and raped lakhs of Hindus and forced them to flee as refugees.

However, the world has hardly taken any notice of the cruelties perpetrated on the minorities of Pakistan since its formation.

Even the Indian government has failed to highlight the issue. The issue has always been brought out by stray videos tweeted by a few Human Right workers or by social media users.

Veengas J, who has highlighted the case of Reena Meghwar is a journalist and editor-in-chief at The Rise News, covering on Politics, Human Rights, Minorities and Terrorism.

However, not too many Pakistanis have retweeted or lent support to her requests to help the Hindu girl pleading for help in going home.

Not a single mainstream journalist of Pakistan has raised the issue or even supported Veengas J on the issue.

Torture of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan is treated as a normal affair and always dismissed as something that is not worth paying attention.

Veengas has been reporting on minority issue especially on Forced Conversion, human rights, and internal conflicts.

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