Thursday, September 28, 2023

I will resign if ‘allegations’ are proven: Samir Mohanty

Produce evidence, or be prepared for defamation case: Sanjib Sardar

Jamshedpur: Responding to allegations of ‘seeking commission’ from contractors in lieu of award of contracts in government development construction work levelled against them, Baharagora MLA Samir Mohanty and Potka MLA Sanjib Sardar have said that they would resign as MLAs if the allegations are proven true. The two MLAs challenged the contractors levelling the charges against them to either produce proof for their allegation or be prepared to face legal action.

The president of Contractor Welfare Legal Firm and the state vice-president had on Saturday levelled serious allegations of ‘exerting pressure for seeking commission’ against all the MLAs of Jamshedpur Lok Sabha constituency. However, they had named two MLAs Samir Mohanty and Sanjib Sardar specifically, for exerting pressure and it was reported prominently in a local newspaper.

Denying the allegations, the two MLAs held a press conference at the Circuit House and said that the allegations were a part of the conspiracy to defame the Hemant Soren led government in the state.

Samir Mohanty said that after a long time, the people of the state have been blessed with the government of Hemant Soren and the opponents of the government are trying to destabilise the government.

He said that the urban contractors do not allow rural contractors to take part in the tender process and when they raised their voice against this, they are being targeted.

He said that for 20 years the opposition has been indulging in open loot and has emptied the treasury. Since after this government came to power, attempts are being made to defame the government by making various allegations.

He said when the government is paying them salaries, why would they indulge in such low conduct.

He said that they would continue to oppose the wrong doings of the contractors.

He challenged the contractors to produce proof of wrong doing and said that he would resign as an MLA if evidence is produced to support the allegation.

He said that making such allegations against a public representative is a part of the conspiracy of the opposition. He said that after talking to the Chief Minister of the state, action will be taken by registering a case against that contractor.

Samir Mohanty and Sanjib Sardar
MLAs Samir Mohanty and Sanjib Sardar

Potka MLA Sanjib Sardar too challenged the contractors to produce proof of wrong doing. He said if there is evidence, then it should be produced, or they should be prepared to face a defamation case.

Sanjib Sardar said that the contractor who made the allegations is a member of the opposition party.

He said that development work in the area should not be interrupted. The people of this state have elected and formed the government with a lot of hope and expectation. He said that the contractor has made the allegation intentionally. He is aligned with the opposition. This kind of conspiracy has been hatched to defame the JMM MLAs.

He said that If the contractor has proof, then he should produce it, otherwise action will be taken.

MLA Sanjeev Sardar said that after 20 years, the people of the state have formed the government with a lot of hope and expectations. All the MLAs of JMM will try to meet the expectations of the people.

MLAs Samir Mohanty and Sanjib Sardar addressing a press conference at Circuit House on Sunday.

On the other hand, the president of Contractor Welfare Legal Firm has admitted that he is a member of BJP. He said that when the party had launched a membership drive through missed calls, he had become a member, however, the allegations have not been prompted by anyone else. They boycotted the tender process because pressure was exerted on them to pay ‘commission’. He said that boycott of tender process will cause loss to the contractors and there is no reason why they would stay away from the tendering process after perchase of tender form.

On the other hand, contractors of rural areas too have supported the two MLAs. They held a meeting on Sunday at the Circuit House and said that a few contractors have not been allowing them to take part in the tender process. They said that they had submitted a memorandum to all the MLAs of the district to take action in the matter. They supported the MLAs and said that some contractors are bullying them.


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