Monday, January 30, 2023

Earning your pizza Mirabai Chanu style!


Saikhom Mirabai Chanu’s stellar success in Tokyo Olympics is a beacon for all the aspiring young men and women of the country.

Every human success has a fascinating story behind it. And, usually, such stories are full of failures and disappointments. Success is the end-result of a series of failures, disillusionment and hard toil against nature, within as well as without.

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, like any other boy or girl of her age, loves pizza. Now, she has just been treated with Free Domino’s pizza for life.

It will be easy now for all the pizza-loving young boys and girls of India.

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They only have to win a medal in the Olympics to get a lifetime free Pizza treatment.

As a sprinter, Hima Das had shown the same tenacity of running her way from difficulties to success.

The heartwarming story of how Hima Das used to write Adidas on her normal shoes and how she went on to become an endorser in whose name the same company now makes its shoes will continue to inspire for ever.

From an ordinary girl to a world brand is a story that needs to be retold again and again in our country.

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Mirabai Chanu’s success is a reminder that human endeavour and aspirations go hand in hand.

Mirabai Chanu was a devastated athlete at the end of Rio de Janeiro Olympics. She could not cope with the pressure of her first olympics.

She got back to training hard. And continued with perseverance.

She had failed to lift thrice in the Clean and Jerk in Rio Olympics.

However, her hard work paid off in Tokyo.

Those who know her say that she is single-minded and focused. During the last five years, she has been home only for five days.

The will to continue fighting is what took her to the point of success.

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Let her story of success be a reminder to all the young men and women of this country.

Success is directly proportional to the hard work you put in.

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