Monday, September 20, 2021

Banna Gupta disburses pension grant letters to 387 elderly beneficiaries

Jamshedpur: The state Health Minister Banna Gupta gave away pension grant letters to 387 elderly beneficiaries on Friday at his Kadma office.

On the occasion, the health minister said that assistance would be provided to all those who deserve help under different schemes.

He said that the beneficiaries would be connected with different schemes of the government to ensure that they get all the help.

He said that the instructions of the Chief Minister Hemant Soren, former Prime Minister Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Jharkhand in-charge RPN Singh are to ensure that the benefits reach the poor people of the state.

He said that the Hemant Government of Jharkhand is working in that direction.

He added that this government is a government elected by the people for the people. Therefore, the government is making efforts to bring them into the mainstream.

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He said that the government wants to ensure that the benefits of schemes reach the last rung of people.

He said that the program was to be organised on a large scale but in view of the time of Covid-19, a small program is being held with less number of people.

On Saturday, pension grant letters were distributed among about 387 beneficiaries.

In future also such program will be organised and grant letters will be distributed among the beneficiaries, he said.

Those who are present during the program included the Congress District President Vijay Khan, Shyam Kinkar Jha, Manoj Jha, Prabhat Thakur, Ravi Dubey, Baban Shukla, Babu Jha, Jitendra Singh, Irshad Haider Amit Prasad, JC Mohanty, Rajkumar Das, Jai Kumar, Majeed Akhtar, JP Sahu , Kailash Rajak, Rajesh Rajak, Raju Das were present.

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