Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sparks fly when a Haryanvi interviews a Tamilian in Hindi

Social Media Desk: Sparks are expected to fly when a rooted Hariyanvi interviews an erudite Tamilian on complex issues related to constitution, civilisation and colonialism. And that too in Hindi.

And this is what happened when Arihant chose to interview J Sai Deepak and to discuss his oncoming book ‘India That is Bharat’.

Arihant has just launched his YouTube Channel ‘Vaad’. The channel has only one video. The first person he chose to feature on channel is none else than J Sai Deepak, who is fast emerging as the leading philosopher and thinker of India, who is rooted in Indic soil and culture.

The interview is not only cogent, but also provocative as it examines several issues relating to Indian polity and culture.

Arihant interviews J Sai Deepak.

J Sai Deepak minces no word in expressing his views and Arihant tries his best to nudge him with rational questions.

It is not too heavy on intellectualism and would be liked by those who are short on time and patience too.

With this one video the YouTube Channel ‘Vaad’ has garnered 627 subscribers, while the video itself has scored 4970 views within 48 hours.

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Normally, J Sai Deepak’s explanations and expressions are very provocative and demanding on those who listen to him. However, in this interview he seems to be in a light mood, explaining things in a much more easier language.

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And he impresses with the quality of his Hindi too.

We strongly recommend that our viewers watch this video to know a little about what they are going to encounter in J Sai Deepak’s book which is about to be released around Independence Day.

For those who are interested in a little more nuanced, deeper and layered discussion, there is always dependable Ashish Dhar to fall back on.

Ashish Dhar has interviewed J Sai Deepak several times even in the past for his channel Upword. He knows how to elicit the best from J Sai Deepak. This interview focused on ‘India that is Bharat book’ is one of the finest interviews of J Sai Deepak and is a treat to watch. And this one is in English.

Noted journalist Ashish Dhar interviews J Sai Deepak on his oncoming book ‘India That is Bharat’.

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