Sunday, July 25, 2021

BJP dares Banna Gupta to make oxygen shortage death report public

Instead of blaming centre, Health Minister should make public Jharkhand’s report on ‘death due to oxygen shortage’: Kunal Sarangi

Jamshedpur: Responding to a statement of the State Health Minister Banna Gupta, the BJP state spokesperson and former MLA Kunal Sarangi Thursday said that the central government has made its statement on the basis of the reports of various states and union territories of the country that there has been no report of death from the state governments caused by lack of oxygen.

He said that If the Health Minister thinks that the statement is wrong then the Jharkhand government should make its report public.

What report did he send to the centre, he asked.

Just by issuing a press release and alleging irresponsible attitude on the part of central government is actually like adopting irresponsible behavior itself.

Kunal Sarangi expressed surprise at all the opposition parties, including the Congress, trying to put the central government in the dock on this issue.

He reminded that there is a non-BJP government in Maharashtra.

He said that there the health minister Rajesh Tope’s statement in the media is in the headlines, where they are saying we have never said that people in the state have died due to lack of oxygen.

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He said that in the press release of Minister Banna Gupta, it has been said that in the second wave of Corona, a large number of people died due to lack of oxygen because the government had increased the oxygen export by 700 percent.

He said that the fact is that the state government made no arrangement for tankers to transport oxygen.

Apart from this, no urgency was shown in the installation of oxygen plants in the hospitals.

Kunal Sarangi said that the state government failed to create oxygen plants in the hospitals and manage the oxygen supply in the state.

He said that the oxygen plants in Jharkhand, supplied oxygen to other state and this was allowed by the Health Minister himself.

Instead of blaming the centre, he said, the Health Minister should make the state’s report public.

He said that if there is no report available, he should apologise to the centre for misleading statement.

He wondered as to what corona management did the health minister himself do?

He said that if death has occurred due to lack of oxygen in Jharkhand, then the first responsibility lies with the Health Minister and the Health Department.

During the Corona period, two hospitals in Jamshedpur were closed, the blame for which goes to the Minister.

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Had TMH not been there, the situation in Jamshedpur would have been so dire that one cannot even imagine, he said.

He said that no one would object if air ambulance is used for ministers and other high-placed people, but if the government is unable to make arrangements for patients of black fungus and there is no stretcher for pregnant women, then the state government is not in a position to preach to the Centre.

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