Sunday, July 25, 2021

2 Ghatshila Jail inmates try to harm themselves, Now in MGMCH

Two women prisoners make allegations against jail admin, jail superintendent denies

Jamshedpur: Priya Singh and Shweta Das, two inmates of Ghatshila Jail tried to harm themselves for not shifting them back to Ghaghidih Central Jail on Tuesday morning.

Shweta Das allegedly slit her throat with a blade, while Priya Singh allegedly tried to eat glass and harm herself.

On receiving information from the jail administration, both were rushed to Ghatshila Sub-Divisional Hospital for treatment.

Later, they were referred to MGM Hospital.

Shweta Das was treated at MGM Hospital after which she has been kept in the prisoner ward.

Both the prisoners alleged that they are not being given any sort of facilities in Ghatshila jail.

They said that when they complain to the jail superintendent about this, they are threatened to shift to a jail of another district.

Priya Singh said that on May 16, six inmates were shifted from Ghaghidih Jail to Ghatshila Jail on the grounds that they would be sent back to Ghagidih in 45 days.

However, she alleged, even after two months, they were was not shifted to Ghaghidih jail.

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They went on a fast to protest this.

She said that as the jail administration did not shift them to Ghaghidih, they both were forced to take this drastic step.

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However, the Jail Superintendent Narendra Singh denied all the allegations and termed them as false.

He said that shifting of inmates to another jail is a process handled by the state Home and Jail Departments.

He said that six inmates were shifted.

However, he added, both these inmates used to beat other women prisoners in Ghatshila Jail.

He said that these inmates also used to harass the policemen.

He said that both want to be shift back to Ghaghidih Jail.

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